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External and internal communication for clear results

We open shoppers’ hearts to your messages. We make you the love brand of your employees. We show the world the values you stand for and what drives you.  And that for over 40 years now for B2B and B2C. Why our customers come to us? Because of our results-driven approach to communication. And these mean commercial success – more visits to the PoS, efficient information culture in the company or emotional brand activation in the digital community. Whatever strengthens your brand, we establish, innovate and support with integrated communication. Selective or concerted, national and international, on all channels and, above all, always directly tailored to your budget.

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Integrated brand communication – open to new ideas, as proven by experience

Over more than 40 years we have learnt to adapt new communication structures and to transform into specific added value for our customers. Quality and efficiency are proven success factors here. Today this applies just as much for international digital strategies as it does for local influencer events. This knowledge flows into every campaign and every project, and therefore directly into your added value account. This means integrated processes for maximum results with maximum creativity.


Transforming digitisation into comprehensible added value

You stay ahead of the competition with tangible customer benefits. In digital competition we generate smarter customer journeys for your e-commerce platforms. We maximise the user experience, so it pays directly into your desired goals. The results are long-term customer loyalty, increased conversion and the development of new customer groups. Read how we successfully ensure this and why we’ve even won the German Award for Online Communication for it.

Transparently convincing the public

From public relations to media relations – in today’s world, public relations work is subject to more complex standards than purely PR agencies used to be. We therefore network the latest communication tools to win over your interest groups. With reliable CSR reporting and innovative content strategies, which generate new scope and coverage. For industry, retail, authorities and institutions. See in detail how communication in the sustainability and CSR area specifically addresses all desired stakeholders.

Motivate employees – acquire new specialists

Challenges in corporate communications are many: international cooperation requires interactive tools, and knowledge exchanges have to be incentivised and channelled. Living values demand original storytelling and sustainable positioning in the mindset. In short: In today’s world internal communication demands the same degree of creativity as that shown in consumer campaigns. Only then can recruiting and employer branding campaigns produce quantifiable success. Here we show you how we have already successfully achieved this:

The Team

Die Grundlage für nachhaltigen Markenerfolg bilden 85 erfahrene Kommunikationsexperten. Deren interdisziplinärer Hintergrund aus Kommunikationswissenschaften, Wirtschafts- und Geisteswissenschaften garantiert den ergebnisorientierten Dialog mit den Zielgruppen: hoch individualisiert, marktgerecht und messbar.

Dr. Susanne Söllner
Dr. Susanne Söllner
Erfahrung + Nachhaltige Geschäftsentwicklung
Simone Blank
Branding + Image
Sandra Gossner
Campaigning + Analytics
Tina Heindel
Content + Publishing
Katharina Heß
Beratung Konzern + Marke
Andreas Lang
Influencer + Kooperation
Cécile Möhring
Internationale Events + Campaigns
Xaver Söllner
Markt + Customer Value
Clemens Wolf
Strategie + Konzept