• Branding as a strategy and process for strong corporate identity

Brands are successful when they touch an emotional nerve. How do we do this? We use a strong brand strategy to broaden your brand identity and realise it with maximum precision, creativity and quality. A brand cannot be considered in terms of individual elements. Corporate identity must form a single unit across all communications channels and touchpoints through which your individual corporate story runs like a common thread.


From digitalisation to internal branding

In order to guarantee a strong brand identity and brand strategy, our branding specialists will examine your company from every angle, analysing the way you and others see it, as well as your market and your mission. Once a strategy has been formulated, we then develop the name, your slogan, your logo and the corporate design. Your internal branding is also a crucial element, as it is important to turn your employees – whose conviction and authenticity are irreplaceable – into brand ambassadors through active involvement and transparent communication.

Your brand has the chance to emerge as a shining light in the storm of digitalisation. This will only succeed, however, if you mark out your brand’s territory across all channels, allow consumers to participate as players and allow authenticity, credibility, relevance and topicality to take centre stage. Make use of the new general framework for a disruptive relaunch of your brand’s perception. We’ll be happy to assist you!

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From market analysis to
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Interaction between usefulness,
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Positioning in the
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Internal branding as
a crucial element

Employees as brand ambassadors

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