• Sustainability – from viewpoint to action

Sustainability is not an end in itself. Sustainability actually means a company taking ethical and practical responsibility for the future. But how, as a company, do you approach such a complex topic as corporate social responsibility (CSR)? We will accompany you step by step, defining the core questions and working with you to find common, good and viable answers. We will put processes, structures and goals together to form a coordinated concept. This will result in a clear line into the future that brings all entrepreneurial, business and legal aspects into balance. As an entrepreneur-led agency, we wish to work with you on shaping a respectful, socially just and sustainable society.

Sustainability is worthwhile; as is a CSR report. It is an opportunity to position your company and your brand as innovative and sustainable. We will assist you by selecting the right analytical tools for you from the jungle of guidelines and reporting standards such as the German Sustainability Code (DNK), the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) or alternative methods. We will define performance indicators that are significant for your company, and in this way, we will generate your key CSR topics, which we then pick up on and expand in a journalistic manner to subsequently create a customised sustainability report. This is how you can communicate your social and ecological activities, attracting significant attention and underlining the ethical added value of your services.

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