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BRANDING really visualises the fascination of a strong brand, as it leaves an indelible mark on the company, which increases its recognition value and anchors it firmly in consumers’ heads.

01. Market and competitor analysis

Creation of a branding and marketing strategy for global expansion

The goal: To make a national finance IT market leader like the TN Group outshine the hidden champions – and internationally at that. A clear and uniform corporate identity with global focus will first be developed for this.

Our solution: The agency’s research team processes key basic data for the right MARKET AND COMPETITOR ANALYSIS procedure. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks (SWOT analysis) are consolidated with current market insights, future tasks and the market potentials re-developing in the ASEAN and North America target markets for this. The data basis is critically supplemented by findings from the individual corporate development into a national market leader.

The result: A solid strategic basis for the agency to design a holistic branding and marketing strategy.

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02. Mission statement

Brand building: From mission statement to brand strategy

When the product has been successful for some years, MISSION STATEMENT, values, mission and vision often shift away into the background.

However, it quickly becomes clear that the customer’s step into the global public domain requires precisely this solid foundation. Only on this basis can a functioning brand and marketing strategy reveal its full capacity to conquer new markets, expand the portfolio and attract valuable skilled IT workers. As part of strategic branding workshops, the agency first begins in the Far East with the joint forging of the mission and vision, the value proposition, values and messages, which will shape the MISSION STATEMENT externally in the future.

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03. Corporate design strategies

The importance of corporate design for an international branding strategy

As the agency’s next step on the path to the branding and marketing strategy the brand identity must be made visible.

Only with a uniform corporate image can the recognition value be increased step-by-step and trust in the brand built with the target groups. For the development of a future-oriented CORPORATE DESIGN strategy, in addition to cultural factors in the core ASEAN market, the agency therefore also considers the global market requirements in North America and Europe, as well as the proximity to the offered services and the targeted portfolio expansion.

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04. Corporate language strategies

Corporate language as a brand’s credibility boost

Within the corporate identity, the agency focuses on the corporate design. However, corporate behaviour and CORPORATE LANGUAGE are also critically important for the brand strategy for global expansion.

Because the behaviour of the company and the employees and the language and addressing used are decisive here, the agency’s procedure is configured strategically and holistically on an authentic, brand-loyal language. The result:

Maximum support for people in achieving the expansion goals.

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05. Online strategy

The role of online strategy for globally successful branding and marketing

Pursuing a clear ONLINE STRATEGY is critically important on the path to becoming a leading IT company in the ASEAN states.

For our agency experts it therefore plays a key role within the branding and marketing strategy. Its main pillars are a new website, social media and gamification, user generated content and social campaigning. Parallel with the concentrated rollout of the new corporate design, together with the market launch they also support the internal and external milestones on the path to global expansion. As a result, the successful strategic online planning not only enables compliance with the time horizon with recruiting and team building, it also conveys the overwhelming commitment and high identification with the new brand identity created.

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06. Screencasts

Screencasts explain the brand world and make strategic goals visible

A new corporate design and so many options to use it – for employees it serves as a new, emotional tool on the path to global expansion.

The agency’s decision to support it here in the best possible way is easy to make. SCREENCASTS explain in an entertaining and target-oriented fashion where and how the corporate design’s different design tools are applied. Step-by-step, with the use of playful gamification elements they explain how the new brand identity supports everyone’s results. And what the next goals on the path to global player are.

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