Corporate language gives the branding strategy a voice: The correlation of word and image is what successfully supports a branding strategy. This is also true for the spoken word in customer contact and sales.

Corporate language

Language creates brands: Define the goals of corporate language

For an agency that specifically uses corporate language and corporate behaviour within the corporate identity as an instrument for brand communication, it is clear – many companies still leave brand potential lying unused here. So that the corporate language is recognisable and effective as such, it must convey brand promise and purpose as authentically and self-explanatory as possible. We as an agency define the goals of support through corporate language here – and the limits as well of course, because in the interaction of all CI elements, language and behaviour are two of many dynamic instruments that have to be dispensed according to intended purpose.

Corporate language

Use corporate language as part of the corporate identity

How can language as a corporate identity element be used for specific corporate goals? Agencies follow various approaches here: We focus on clear effect and honest presentation in the target groups. And this means that less marketing jargon and authentic communication at eye level result in success in our agency everyday far more often than painstaking but emotionless and replaceable self-portrayal does. Because within the scope of first contacts with a brand in particular, the corporate language decides on which category a brand will enter in the target group’s brand memory. This is equally true for recruiting campaigns and for B2B exhibition appearances or international image campaigns.

Corporate language

Corporate language promises – corporate behaviour keeps the promise

Corporate behaviour means no less than the mission statement that is actually implemented, the lived values and a visible approach. On both small and big scales. In management’s behaviour through to informal meetings with partners on coffee breaks. The behaviour in change or crisis mode can also and in particular substantially strengthen the brand image – or damage it. As an agency we know: Every contact leaves an impression in the public eye, which is why in the strategic procedure we consider all touchpoints that together influence corporate behaviour and therefore both external and internal perception. This ranges from the mega-topic of corporate responsibility, to sustainable commitment and sponsoring activities, right through to guidelines for on-boarding, team collaboration, manager coaching and employee development – because corporate behaviour represents lived corporate values. And it proves their authenticity.

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