Market and
competitor analysis

The right approach ensures an effective branding and marketing strategy

Prepare the analysis from out of the company

The managers’ participation and commitment are important factors in implementing disruptive corporate decisions. Change projects and expansion plans can be managed all the more effectively with the right support. An intragroup look at a strict brand strategy is indispensable for us as an agency, because only those brands that colleagues credibly personify can fulfil their purpose. And this means maximum coherence between a company’s image and its business transactions. From the individual to the corporation. For us as an agency, the integration of employees already begins in the analysis phase, so we can gather the unfiltered facts on the status quo.

Market and competitor analysis

Plan analysis workshops and determine brand findings

What’s the customer feedback for the visual corporate identity? Why are customers loyal to the company? Why do they change? What do competitors do differently or better, from an external viewpoint? These and many other questions are covered in our agency’s workshop programme, with the goal of creating the most detailed view of the current situation. Every info counts, every internal experience can later give the branding and marketing strategy the decisive twist.

Market and competitor analysis

Perform market analysis with clear strategic targets

A branding and marketing strategy to support medium and long-term company goals requires a market analysis that considers both the competition and the customer focus in particular. Which business criteria decide? What role do values and their visible external image play? Are there local, regional differences in the markets and what influence do cultural factors have on business processes? All these indicators play crucial roles for our agency specialists in market analysis as the basis for sustainable branding.

  • Market research
  • Customer survey
  • Data collection
  • Focus group analysis
What for
  • Brand building
  • Project optimisation
  • Campaign optimisation
  • Recruiting strategy
  • Individual
  • Target-oriented
  • Thorough
  • Effective