corporate design

Why corporate design must do much more than simply ensure an attractive visual identity?
Convey a company’s DNA without words – that’s what professional corporate design does. And it therefore contributes a real lion’s share within the branding and marketing strategy.

Corporate Design Strategies

Plan the corporate design as a strategic measure

Our agency experience shows that CI, CD and branding have perhaps the closest possible relationship with one another. The correlations between a controlled corporate identity and a new corporate design to be created are clear. The visual image, which for many marketing decision makers is increasingly part of the branding collective term, must pay 100% into the existing and fully developed corporate identity. Our approach therefore considers neither design styles nor regional design trends. Instead, in our agency visual congruence with values and mission statement, clear distinction in competition and the conveyance of market importance, innovation and internationality all apply for the new brand identity – all to develop sustainable brand trust for your company.

Corporate Design Strategies

Design and use the logo as an important element in corporate design

The logo is the pivotal point in corporate design and the most prominent element in the visual brand identity. Regardless of whether it’s about designing a logo, signet or word-image brand, creation is always accompanied by strategic and emotional decisions. If companies use and smoothly further develop their most important design feature over a longer period, our agency’s logo developers and designers have delivered good work. Because the logo unites the brand promise, recognition, history and identification of a brand like no other design element.

Corporate Design Strategies

Define design: Compile corporate design manual and brand book

As an experienced corporate design agency we know – the more different design elements and channels shape a corporate design, the more important a definition becomes for reliable use. Be it style guide, design manual or brand book, there are countless names and expressions for what others in turn declare their, “brand bible”. Fact is, however, that the entire identity of a brand belongs in a brand book, so that all service providers know what’s important – from logo to vision, from approach to imagery. And also so that all designers, conceptioners and copywriters of an agency get a precise feeling for the brand. The essence of the brand and instructions for handling all brand components – provided by our style guides, brand books and brand manuals for brands from start-ups, SMEs or corporations.


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