Corporate Communications

Consistent, transparent and convincing communication is a crucial factor on a company’s path to greater efficiency and greater success. CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS in particular inwardly conveys its employees’ team spirit, pioneering spirit and desire to find solutions.

01. Internal communication

Communication strategies for globally active companies

The goal: To develop more transparent and livelier internal communication channels with the Zeppelin Group, to boost long-term financial growth, production and innovation via employees’ motivation, collaboration and loyalty.

Our solution:
Anchoring a living value culture in the company, developed from the inside out. For this, our CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS experts have turned the biography of the Zeppelin Group’s founder, Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin, into the basis of binding “Graf principles” for, among other factors, appreciation, inclusion and environmental awareness. These values become sustainably liveable through storytelling, interaction and visualisation.


The result: With idea management, social collaborations and an employee magazine, closely interacting communication channels that convey the sense of community and empowerment.

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Corporate Communications Zeppelin
02. Social collaboration

Creative communication culture for optimally networked workflow

The successful establishment of new information and communication channels in the company requires a holistic approach.

Our communication experts have therefore developed an innovative onboarding campaign to establish an internal communications platform for the Zeppelin Group. At its core, here are motivation, employee retention, project-related exchanges and above all networking, which also sustainably strengthens participation and identification. Digital tools such as activating collaborative measures, screencasts and emotionalising follow-up campaigns help with the step-by-step integration and the platform’s sustainable anchoring in the teams’ daily mindset.

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03. Annual Report

Image strengthening through reporting

Companies can illustrate milestones achieved, successful balance sheets and positive impact on society and environment in the image section of the ANNUAL REPORT.

Our communication experts have been taking care of the design concept and implementation of the ANNUAL REPORT for the Zeppelin Group for some years now. Illustrative storytelling and clearly structured infographics with their creative look & feel ensure here that the Group’s future-proof, high-performance and responsible image is afforded an appropriate platform. The reporting of the successes in the previous fiscal year then enjoys an innovative upgrade.

Corporate Communications Zeppelin
Corporate Communications Zeppelin
Corporate Communications Zeppelin
04. Idea management

Innovative potential revealed by participation

IDEA MANAGEMENT provides important stimuli for entire departments and the whole company, but the employees also have the most direct insight into their work areas!

If the actual experts for processes, tools, workflow and the resulting options sit in the teams, then we must also go into the teams to utilise the creative potentials in them. For this very purpose, our experts have developed and rolled out the Z-IDEA IDEAS MANAGEMENT together with the Zeppelin Group and put the employees and their ideas at the core of the campaign. After the onboarding and follow-up campaigns the result is impressive – idea managers across the globe now select the best from countless submissions for implementation. An award combined with a prize also ensures the programme is enthusiastically received.

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05. Employee magazine

Joint appreciation platform

Challenges met together and successes are best made visible with an EMPLOYEE MAGAZINE.

Together with Zeppelin’s editorial team, we have been designing the EMPLOYEE MAGAZINE, available digitally and in print, for some years now. The communication tool’s core and goal – the appreciation and presentation of employees and teams, the explanation of disruptive strategies for digitisation and assessment of the milestones achieved in the teamwork. Not only are the employees’ wishes considered for this; a constant further development and design adjustment of the magazine also ensures a regular updating of the user-friendly design concept.

Corporate Communications Zeppelin
Corporate Communications Zeppelin
Corporate Communications Zeppelin
06. Trade fair communication

Reaching target groups with creativity

Creative TRADE FAIR COMMUNICATION concepts are required to generate the necessary attention at one of the world’s biggest trade fair events.

The Zeppelin Group’s HR department turned to the agency’s communication experts to give the necessary impetus to the presence at bauma, the flagship trade fair for construction machinery. Together with the HR colleagues, we developed a creative social media campaign with integrated photo booth, which target group-specifically drew young professionals’ attention to the stand.

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