Annual report
upgrade for
your reporting

The information content of reports is significantly increased with the aid of an editorial concept and visual storytelling, as well as innovative info graphics. Structuring design elements mean key messages, milestones and corporate values are easy to comprehend. The use of professional storytelling structures and graphic visualization bring the successes of the previous fiscal year to life. The awakening of emotions anchors the different information elements easier and more sustainably.

Annual report

Coherent design concept for image building

We give your reporting a coherent holistic concept that matches your corporate values and your brand messages. Our designers create a tailor-made platform, where your successes from the year gone by are presented as highlights.

Annual report

Dynamic infographics for sustainable anchoring

Our specialists for visual storytelling create clear, reader-friendly information units from unclear data series and a mere listing of facts. The information content is increased by visual structuring, which shows the context and illustrates correlations as easy to comprehend.

Annual report

Future-proof image and employer branding

We ensure that your annual report conveys an authentic representation of the milestones and successes you have achieved to all stakeholders. The general public, customers, partners and applicants can form an image of your company’s performance in an illustrative way.

  • Design concept
  • Structuring by information design
  • Visual storytelling
  • Dynamic info graphics
  • Transparent reporting
  • Controlled image building
  • Employer branding
  • Designed comprehensibly
  • Structured informatively
  • Prepared entertainingly
  • Anchored sustainably