Employee magazine
front and centre

We produce informative and entertaining employee magazines for your teams’ information, activation, appreciation and strengthening. The development of the content is target group-specific and can be expanded 360 degrees in multimedia terms towards the innovative dialogue platform – with measures from the VR, AR, community, moving images, app or podcast areas.

Employee magazine

Individual editorial concepts

Our editorial experts have journalistic backgrounds and take all the time required to thoroughly research your existing employee information sources and the new target setting. We then design the employee magazine that suits you, including a full concept for efficient sales, even with more complex corporate structures.

Employee magazine

Professional preparation of your hero stories

You provide us the input or even just content key points, and we turn them into professionally prepared articles with substance. With the aid of storytelling and journalistic methods we create valuable specialist articles, which put your employees and their dedication front and centre. Entrepreneurial visions and goals are made tangible in an illustrative way – in precisely the right language and design to reach your employees.

Employee magazine

Creative design concepts visualise infos

Our design department drafts the right design framework for your magazine. Print or digital, moving images, VR, AR or infographics – we find the right format for your content and for every budget. We develop a holistic visual vocabulary for your employee magazine, which optimally structures the content, supports key messages and expresses appreciation.

  • Employee magazine editorial concept
  • Integrated design concept
  • Content creation for print and online
  • Moving image content
  • App concept
  • AR / VR
  • Podcast
  • Social media
  • Information and activation
  • Employee empowerment
  • Employer branding
  • Appreciation
  • Participation
  • Team building
  • Professionally produced
  • Journalistically prepared
  • Entertainingly implemented
  • Creatively structured
  • Informatively designed