Idea management
Fuel for

Idea management offers a company’s employees the ability to bring in their own proposals for improving workflows, tools and products. Along with innovation management, which only incorporates a small part of the company, Idea management also gives all employees the ability to share their improvement proposals and ideas and consequently to also develop themselves inter-divisional.

Idea management

Discover optimisation potential

We help you to create an idea management that is tailored custom-fit to your corporate goals and your employees. First of all, together with you our experts evaluate the existing structures for process optimisation and innovation. Following a thorough analysis, we design the optimum strategy for your idea management.

Idea management

Empowerment for your employees

With the aid of storytelling and emotionalising kick-off campaigns, we ensure an inspiring onboarding with the roll-out of your new idea management. Accompanying follow-up campaigns deliver sustainable anchoring of the idea management in the teams and above all, for active participation.

Idea management

Creativity must be celebrated

We help you find the right framework to accolade and reward the best ideas and their originators. Appreciation, participation and empowerment of employees are critical factors in idea management. Our live communication experts help with the design and performance of emotional events that duly acknowledge the idea providers and their ideas.

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