A company grows with a living corporate culture. Employees feel connected with the organisation by experiencing motivation and empowerment. Creativity spaces are utilised and future potential areas are revealed. Teams are strengthened and employees feel appreciated with internal communication strategies, such as the establishing of a value culture in the company, idea management and employer branding. Brands can build and lasting successes can develop further on this foundation.

Internal communication

Your corporate culture matters to us

The stocktaking of your individual corporate culture is the basis for internal communication. The status quo is mapped and relevant corporate values are defined with employee surveys, interviews with different stakeholders and reviews of existing communication channels. After an in-depth analysis of the starting position – which we use to look, listen and enquire very precisely – we develop the tailor-made strategy and activities for your company’s internal communication.

Internal communication

Expedient communication

Internal dialogue is not an end in itself. A good internal communication strategy proves its value in times of crisis, with change management, management changes, the introduction of new structures, and also with jointly achieved milestones and company anniversaries. We show you how to successfully support your goals with the aid of well-placed messages and celebrate long-term successes with strengthened teams and co-workers at your side.

Internal communication

Establishing values and awakening emotions through storytelling

Generation and social changes mean that lived values also acquire new relevance in the economic context. Responsible treatment of people and the environment influences both the consumer’s purchasing behaviour and your employees’ team spirit. Applicants attach increasing value to jobs that they consider as meaningful. With the aid of storytelling and specific campaigns we help you apply your corporate values and change communication authentically and step-by-step, or successfully position yourself both internally and externally with employer branding.

Internal communication

360 degree campaigns also for internal communication

Numerous different channels are suitable for employee activation. From the employee app to virtual conferences, virtual and augmented reality applications, moving images, social media, newsletters, employee magazines or kick-off events, you have countless digital and analogue paths at your disposal to initiate a dialogue that is sure to yield many results. In a thorough check-up we examine your current communication channels, expand the existing infrastructure and show you solutions for optimally expanding and utilising systems.

  • Corporate culture analysis
  • Employee interviews, research
  • Strategy development
  • Measures planning
  • Living value culture
  • Employee empowerment
  • Employer branding
  • Change management
  • 360 degrees
  • Storytelling
  • Authentic
  • Tailor-made