Social collaboration

Internal communication in the digital age requires more than just a solid technical infrastructure. Successful change management must also be supported by all employees and the lead departments. With disruptive changes in the workflow it is especially important to convey the added values of the new strategies and measures with employees and management inclusively and individually. The use of innovative digital tools and platforms requires a transition and restructuring of familiar workflows phase from all. New forms of communication, programmes and apps have to be tried out and learnt.

Social collaboration

Status quo analysis

Our social collaboration experts analyse both your existing communication channels and the usual paths for collaboration. Surveying employees and management means we can identify the opportunities and challenges connected with internal collaboration.

Social collaboration

Next level communication standards

Building on the results, according to your targets we develop an innovative social collaboration strategy, which raises your company’s internal communication to a new, more effective level.

Social collaboration

Emotional events for a new mind-set

Transparent communication and emotional storytelling are tools for positively staffing structural changes in the team in companies and bringing everyone on board. Inspiring onboarding events generate the necessary attention and enthusiasm for the long-term success of internal collaboration platforms. Follow-up campaigns ensure sustainable use and continuing interest.

  • Status quo analysis
  • Strategy development
  • 360 degree onboarding
  • Follow-up campaigns
  • Internal collaboration
  • Change management
  • Digitisation strategy
  • Transparent
  • Creative
  • Inclusive
  • Emotionalising