CSR Reporting

The regular report on Corporate Social Responsibility has been an important corporate communication topic since the relevant EU Directive appeared, if not earlier. As a holistic illustration of a company’s social, economic and community responsibility, the CSR Report conveys messages authentically and image-boosting to stakeholders and customers.

01. Communication concept

CSR Reporting as a transparent tool for sustainable value creation

The goal: To position the sustainability report for Ernsting’s family, obligatory since 2017, authentically and effectively in all interest groups.

Our solution: Build and design the CSR Report in such a way that Ernsting`s family’s initiatives, KPIs and engagement can be optimally understood and fit in with the company’s image.

The result: A visually meaningful and journalistically up-valued CSR publication, which also visualises the Ernsting’s family values in the design.



CSR Concept
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CSR-Reporting Ernsting’s family
02. Content creation

Precise conveyance of CSR content and sustainable messages

Reporting on sustainability requires a broad and in-depth diversity of topics, which can only be guaranteed with flawless researching and top-quality content.

The Ernsting’s family CSR pillars serve as the content basis and structural foundation. Thanks to open-source formulated current study results and interviews with employees they are both informative and entertaining at once. This also enables the factual comparability of the KPIs to better understand the sustainability of the respective CSR initiatives.

CSR pillars and editorials
specialist articles
convincing statement on value creation
03. Design concept

Make values visible

The right design and an emotionalising visual vocabulary turn key topics of the Ernsting`s family’s sustainability report into an illustrative experience.

On the factual basis of a CSR report, our art directors and graphic designers focus in their DESIGN CONCEPT on methods of visual storytelling that get to grips with content such as economy and responsibility, and at the same time also translate the CSR projects into comprehensible visual statements. Because the typography, format and phrasing also follow a fact-based, emotionally accessible and transparent goal direction, the ecology topic holistically undergoes an organic and fluid design, with a framework-setting effect – for the Ernsting’s family’s individuality characterised by commitment and responsibility.

CSR-Reporting Ernsting’s family
CSR-Reporting Ernsting’s family
CSR-Reporting Ernsting’s family
04. Infographic

Understandable information transfer – dynamic, emotional and clear

Information graphics and illustrations in the CSR Report help here to communicate KPIs, goals and measures in a compelling way.

Graphics that explain and specifically sharpen the conveyed messages help the reader to absorb information quicker here. The visual up-grading of the publication also results in the stay time and interaction with the CSR Report increasing in quantity and quality.

CSR-Reporting Ernsting’s family