CSR Reporting

01. Communication concept

CSR Reporting as a transparent tool for sustainable value creation

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been a corporate communication topic since EU Directive 2014/95/EU if not earlier. Sustainability reports have been more than just an obligation for many companies since 2017 – non-financial reporting also offers brands the opportunity to communicate their societal, social and environmental responsibility to stakeholders and customers and to holistically illustrate their commitment. But how can the CSR Report be built and designed in such a way that Ernsting`s family’s initiatives, KPIs and engagement can be optimally understood and fit in with the company’s image? Positioning this integrated sustainability claim authentically and effectively in all interest groups was the goal of the communication concept for the CSR Report for Ernsting`s family.

CSR Concept
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CSR-Reporting Ernsting’s family
02. Content creation

Present CSR content and sustainable messages in a nutshell

Reporting on sustainability requires a broad and in-depth diversity of topics, which we can only do justice to with flawless researching and top-quality content. The company’s CSR pillars, which serve the reader as the report’s content structure, also serve as the basis for the content creation for Ernsting`s family. The respective articles and texts of the chapters are informative on one hand and formulated in accessible tonality, and on the other hand pursue a factual comparability of the KPIs to understand the sustainability advances within the CSR initiatives. Journalistic content such as current study results and interviews with employees, managers and stakeholders are used to shape and also up-value the topic areas in a diverse and varied way

CSR pillars and editorials
specialist articles
convincing statement on value creation
03. Design concept

Make values visible

The right design and emotionally functional visual vocabulary turn key topics of the Ernsting`s family’s sustainability report into an illustrative experience. Visual storytelling gets to grips with the content, runs through the CSR projects and transforms them into comprehensible visual statements. Economics and responsibility, global textile security and the requirements of families on the domestic market – our art directors and graphic artists bring it all together on the factual basis of a CSR Report. They design the typography, format and phrasing target-oriented and fact-based, emotionally accessible and always transparent. The ecology topic is shaped carefully, organically and fluid and leaves room for messages. Combined with a meaningful visual concept, our design transports content in the right scope and underscores the company’s individuality characterised by commitment and responsibility.

CSR-Reporting Ernsting’s family
CSR-Reporting Ernsting’s family
CSR-Reporting Ernsting’s family
04. Infographic

Understandable information transfer – dynamic, emotional and clear

Information graphics and illustrations in the CSR Report help to communicate CSR KPIs, goals and measures in a compelling way. Complex topics are then mediated easily and grasped quickly, and transparently put in a nutshell. Readers can absorb information quicker and more amusingly with illustrative graphics; the significance of the conveyed messages is condensed nice and compact. An additional advantage: The CSR publication is visually up-valued, becomes more diversified and the reader’s attention increases. Stay time and interaction with the CSR Report increase in quantity and quality.

CSR-Reporting Ernsting’s family
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