Communication concept
For measurable
communication successes

Realistically define goals, prioritize dialogue and interest groups, set the right tone and position messages perceptibly – a well thought-out concept is a requirement for the success of every campaign, whether it is a CSR, product or image campaign.

Communication concept

So where are we right now? SWOT analysis as direction pointer

In the first step, we concentrate entirely on your brand and your product. Strengths, USPs (unique selling propositions or unique selling points) and assets are defined with a view to the market and competitors and opportunities and risks are assessed. Based on these findings, we determine the key messages and communication content, and formulate an understandable, memorable storyline for the campaign.

  • Goal definition
  • Target group analysis
  • Target group analysis
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Product launches
  • New customer acquisition
  • Image campaigns
  • CSR campaigns
  • Fact-oriented
  • Sector-specific
  • Imaginative
  • Measurable
Communication concept

Who do we address? Definition of target groups

The more precisely stakeholders and dialogue groups are defined in the run-up, the easier it is to subsequently locate touch points. With a view to your communication goals, we define meaningful core and marginal target groups and combine the target group leverage with the corresponding key messages. With the integration of methods such as milieu studies and personas we also draw valuable conclusions on the habits and behaviour patterns of your target groups, such as the purchasing, media usage or decision-making behaviour of your customers, for example.

Communication concept

How do we position messages? Develop specific communication measures

Storyline, content and tonality of the customer addressing are defined by the preceding target group identification. The concept’s creative part can then follow on this basis. Innovative, surprising and sustainable measures that are cross-media scalable and hit the mark with interested parties, customers and multiplicators are worked out.

Communication concept

Monitoring and success control

Every measure is only as successful as its KPIs show it to be. We therefore control and optimize our campaigns continuously according to precise targets set or jointly defined indicators. With measured values from media monitoring, web analytics or specific user surveys we evaluate our campaigns, determine improvement proposals and compile meaningful reports, which measurably prove the benefits of the respective measures.