Content creation
For web, social
media and print

Traditional print, the web or social media – we generate specific content tailored to your target group, convince customers and make your company “findable” online.

Content creation

Content is king – activate customers with content

Informing, advising or entertaining, a company or brand’s range of services should meet the customer’s expectations and surpass them in the best-case scenario. This works best via useful information, further-helping knowledge or entertainment with potential for word of mouth. Content makes a product’s added value understandable and emotionally accessible, instead of just claiming to do so. We take the time to understand your product and your target groups in the current market and consumer context, and with the right content strategy ensure a dramaturgy made up of benefits, emotion and sustainable commitment. For this, we draw on in-depth industry/sector knowledge to transform complex issues and topics into highly valuable information and profitable content for the customer. This happens with the integration of all formats – from branded content and specialist articles for print media, customer magazines and info brochures, through to online media such as corporate blogs, microsites or long reads in social media.

Content creation

The key in content distribution: Search Engine Optimization

Content for online media is a double-edged sword. If the content’s textual design is only oriented on well-ranking Google keywords, the statements seem random, and a brand’s key messages become blurred. The magic words for good SEO are semantic optimisation and unique content. Following an in-depth analysis of the relevant search terms, we create a keyword mapping that also integrates terms in your product’s semantic environment. On this basis we formulate your texts convincingly, unmistakably conclusive and easy to find for search engines.


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