With our target group-oriented and unique design concepts we convey in-demand content, convince customers and also make your company findable online.

Design concept

Visually design and stage brands

Our idea finding and media design are always based on specific goals, current market research and a clear rationale. We distil the brand’s essence, define USPs and afford them an unmistakeable and authentic brand visual vocabulary with creative design resources. Emotional branding works subliminally and therefore all the more naturally – be it in the basic media design, in the editorial area or in the design of advertising campaigns. We value an holistic and systematic approach that inspires customers and activates consumers.

Design concept

Memorable brand images

We design corporate pictures away from the usual stock material. The style of stills and moving images is harmonised individually with the brand and target group, colour worlds are carefully chosen and messages are visualised extraordinarily. Our designers and graphic artists illustrate and design unique images to give shape to your brand personality in eye-catching, subtle or even purely functional layouts and images. Moving images can also optimally expand the visual storytelling. From GIF through to animated tutorials, they pack complex content into short social media series or shareable online clips with high entertainment factor, which complement strategic push measures with valuable pull impulses.


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