Digital strategy

In the age of digital change, communication, design and marketing demand new solutions in all business areas. With the right DIGITAL STRATEGY, you optimise your content, open up new online channels and therefore also increase your range and conversion rate.

1. Digital strategy

Digital strategy for marketing trades and construction

The goal: At the behest of BayWa Baustoffe, to develop a tool with which small and medium-sized enterprises can participate directly in digitisation and market their services online.

Our solution: To develop more customised marketing services for the increase in customer demand (lead generation), our e-commerce and IT specialists focused on the development of a smart platform.

The result: The BayWa advertising tool, winner of the German Award for Online Communication – a smart platform that enables small and medium-sized enterprises from the trades and construction sector to present their offering and services in an individual e-shop system, easily and intuitively.

smart platform
configuration options
complete user journey in the video
individualisation options
expandable for additional services
Digital Strategy BayWa
02. User journey

Support customers with guided user journey

Successful selling is especially enabled when the path to the purchase decision is kept as short as possible. A correspondingly designed buyer’s journey is critical for many webshops’ success.


The BayWa advertising tool takes an even greater step towards the customer on the path to the purchase. Already as part of its USER’S JOURNEY it will do precisely what the user wants, and not simply finish the journey as quickly as possible. Unlike a standardised web toolbox, this means they are guided through the decision-making stages step-by-step and can rely here on the self-explanatory design. It is then possible to achieve maximum customizability with a minimum of prior knowledge and keep track of the path to the personal online presence at all times.

steps to the finished website
intuitive CMS
up-to-date content
03. Webshop

Personalised marketing services per webshop

Booking services was to date rather difficult using WEBSHOPS. The BayWa advertising tool makes marketing services shoppable for the first time.


For trades businesses, with the BayWa advertising tool entry into digital transformation becomes almost as easy as a search with Google. By combining the configuration of purchasable services with a simple and intelligent content management system, the smart platform solution significantly outperforms the utility of conventional configurators, and smooths the way into the digital future for the trade as a website solution that can be implemented in minutes.