Our experts get you fit for the digital transformation, optimise content, open up new online channels and therefore increase coverage and the conversion rate.

Digital strategy

Set up the right digital strategy

Essentially everything ranging from touchpoints, channels, content and conversion tools through to after sales service and reputation management is part of a company’s digital corporate strategy. Internal processes, workflows and internal communication are also integrated. The digital channels on which existing and future customers can be found is decided here via the selection of the channels used. Some tend here to be more suitable for the emotional brand staging and customer loyalty, while others are better for fast purchasing impulses or the individual customer dialogue. And of course we mustn’t forget the webshop, where products, services and context-related content can be placed. The definition of channels and addressing ultimately determines the type and format of the content. The options here range from editorial formats to activity information through to the specific use of user-generated content. And paid-content formats also provide a foundation for the digital coverage. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has now become the basis for working out digital content, especially in the B2B area. This is because the individual quality of the special products and services has a direct effect on the findability potential on Google and its compadres. The use of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is also a fixed component of an expedient digital strategy.

Digital strategy

Designing and implementing the digital strategy requires experts

Where an online presence once applied as a successful step towards digitisation, today it is digital strategies – digital marketing strategies that are far more complex. They not only transform the marketing and the entire communication in the digital context – they also integrate existing and future business models. An integrated approach to be successfully sustainable is also key here.


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