Brand at POS

How can customer wishes for purpose, sustainability and regionality be satisfied in food retailing? What functionalities must the PoS of the future perform? And, how can town and country unite as one innovative supermarket concept? The agency develops the “Die Frisch-Nachbarn” brand for EDEKA Stadler + Honner, making the PoS into a “point of socializing”.

EDEKA Frisch Nachbarn

Turned the brand at the PoS into the “love brand” “Die Frisch-Nachbarn” (the fresh neighbours), EDEKA Stadler + Honner

We design, shape and implement “Die Frisch-Nachbarn” for the family-run company, Stadler + Honner. A supermarket as a brand, which keeps regional-authentic experience worlds at the ready, combines urban and rural qualities and therefore satisfies all customer wishes, from local supply to being an inspiring meeting point. The agency sets up all brand components authentically – beginning with the content and visual concept through to the PoS design, and on to the crossmedial communication strategy and the recruiting campaign.

Brand Staging at the POS – EDEKA Frisch Nachbarn
1. Market and target group analysis

Branding: The supermarket becomes an unmistakeable brand

How do we turn a vast supermarket space with 7,500 m² into a lively brand world with a unique atmosphere for the catchment area?

We start the design phase with an extensive market and target group analysis. This generates valuable findings for developing a holistic concept –

  • Target group requirements for networking, support and social experiences in the urban domain.
  • Regional interests by integrating regional producers.
  • The dynamic interplay of town and country in one of Germany’s biggest conurbations.


“Die Frisch-Nachbarn” as a brand meets the increased requirements of the target group for authenticity, value awareness and transparency and immediately performs several socially relevant functions in the neighbourhood. The brand unites urban and regional interests in supply, increased sustainability and community.  

m² of supermarket space
conurbation between town and country
meeting point for the entire catchment area
Brand Staging at the POS – EDEKA Frisch Nachbarn
02. Content and visual concept

Tradition and change get a recognisable face

In the “Die Frisch-Nachbarn” concept, we fuse value orientation, authenticity and beneficial functionality into one holistic brand. A credible brand with high identification and loyalty potential emerges.

  • Strong entrepreneurial personalities, value culture and vision – all are already provided with the traders and cousins, Stadler + Honner, and taken over by the agency’s strategy team and cautiously adjusted for the brand development.
  • The concept unit then derives added values and key messages by building on this authentic basis and combined with consumer needs, megatrends and the catchment area’s special features.
  • Our visual design specialists develop a homogeneous design concept from this, which connects innovative design with evolved tradition to produce one harmonious and entirely recognisable integrated whole.
residents in the catchment area
likeable-credible brand
brand book
Brand Staging at the POS – EDEKA Frisch Nachbarn
03. Crossmedial communications strategy

Authentic messages ensure customer loyalty at all touchpoints

The brand embodies a new generation of PoS experience and therefore the supermarket’s innovative further development. The unique concept is precisely tailored to the catchment area’s residents. And the most important factor: Behind the “Die Frisch-Nachbarn” brand are real people who harmoniously fuse tradition and change in their vision, and are firmly committed to regional and sustainable solutions. Our communications team applies this message as core statement to all formats and starts a direct dialogue with the consumers. “Die Frisch-Nachbarn” accompanies the target group as a little “everyday helper”:

  • When introducing sustainable improvements in everyday life
  • With support for local and regional suppliers
  • By enabling the individual arrangement of life plans
communication strategy
Brand Staging at the POS – EDEKA Frisch Nachbarn
04. PoS advice and design

Brand with added value – experience, discover, feel good at the PoS

Beginning with the embedded spaces for dialogue, exchanges and social interaction through to self-evident integration of social responsibility by supporting shorter supply chains – direct communication with the consumer provides scope for exchange and is a key component of the design:

  • Accompanying dialogue at the PoS, from the brand ambassadors to the individual supermarket elements through to the smallest detail, all well synchronized.
  • Interplay of all components – from small spaces and elements through to the design of the entire corporate language
  • A more tangible, more visible character emerges – the unique personality of the supermarket, which welcomes and values the customer
households as target group
design concept
corporate language
Brand Staging at the POS – EDEKA Frisch Nachbarn
05. Production control

Faster and with higher quality to the perfect shop fitting

Despite the vast 7.500 m² space, as an agency we create maximum personal customer appeal – and therefore an individual dialogue with all buyer groups. The coordination and production of the multitude of individual design elements and means of communication – from the guidance system in the underground car park, to the signage of the individual sections in the supermarket, and through to the brochure compilation for the opening – it all requires precisely detailed and high-performance project management:

  • Precise preparation
  • Flexible organisation
  • Swift implementation
  • Coordination of all suppliers involved
designed areas
coordinated project team
Brand Staging at the POS – EDEKA Frisch Nachbarn
06. Recruiting campaign

Find the best skilled workers with a specific campaign

“The fresh neighbours” are proud of their excellent customer-oriented service, provided by specialist staff. As the agency that we are, we support the supermarket’s management with a large-scale recruiting offensive in the target area with a mixture of out-of-home and social media campaign.

  • Posters on full advertising columns
  • Large surfaces and citylights
  • Advertising in the local public transport
  • Social media campaign

The applications are bundled on the campaign microsite, which the candidates can log on to for job offers, really easily and straightforward.

job profiles
recruiting offensive
Brand Staging at the POS – EDEKA Frisch Nachbarn
07. Content Creation

Close dialogue with the customer for stimuli in visit frequency and sales

Understand the consumers as individuals with different motivations – and provide a sense of purpose with the brand. The dialogue with the customer, which begins with the design concept in the supermarket, continues in all supplementary means of communication:

  • Leaflets, brochures, flyers
  • Communication at the PoS
  • PoS events and promotions
  • Social media
  • Recruiting


With a compelling storytelling strategy, our content team focusses on continuing the dialogue, which has a credible core message as its starting point.

credible core message
compelling storytelling strategy
weeks of dialogue a year
Brand Staging at the POS – EDEKA Frisch Nachbarn
08. Public Relations

Clear messages for press and public

The brand invites you to an authentic lifestyle and has a clear goal – to purposefully support the consumer and enable a specific aid for their everyday wishes. Our PR unit supports right up to the opening of the “Die Frisch-Nachbarn” with press releases, invitations to press reviews and date coordination, to announce the supermarket as the new highlight of the catchment area, and well beyond it as well.

  • Addressing the trade, daily and local press
  • Radio and TV integration
  • Target groups activation
  • Establishment in the public eye


The brand’s credible message generates widespread interest in the general public, the target group and the specialised public.

authentic concept
opening campaign
clear goal
Brand Staging at the POS – EDEKA Frisch Nachbarn