Employer branding
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Positioning as an attractive employer brand is critical when it comes to attracting employees and outshining competitors at the same time. EMPLOYER BRANDING gives the HR department the right marketing strategy for this.

01. Target group analysis

Data collection for successful recruiting: Where are the skilled workers?

Data collection for successful recruiting: Where are the skilled workers?


The goal: At the behest of Zeppelin Rental, to get to grips with the skills shortage and get an EMPLOYER BRANDING campaign up and running, which would multiple the number of applicants as quickly as possible.

Our solution: A target group analysis of the potential applicants and their communication paths, to then derive a campaign tailored to three applicant profiles. Based on this reliable data, an in-house produced video series, an easy to share microsite, diverse out-of-home means of communication and creative guerrilla measures then emerged.

The result: 1,000 applicants in just six weeks and therefore impressive Zeppelin Rental positioning as an attractive employer brand.

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Employer Branding (Zeppelin Rental)
02. Video clips

Storytelling in video clips brings employer branding to life

We pack complex technical job profiles and convincing benefits into entertaining stories.

With an in-house produced video series, the focus is on the phenomenal impact of moving images. The focus point: The authentic illustration of three jobs and the underlying campaign idea, after which Zeppelin Rental simply takes the potential applicant out of the application process. While the entertaining videos on one hand impart the employer’s unique services and benefits, on the other hand an emotionally harmonised mixture of actors and rental employees guarantee high credibility. Critical here: The high shareability of the clips in social media channels and communities.

Employer Branding (Zeppelin Rental)
Employer Branding (Zeppelin Rental)
Employer Branding (Zeppelin Rental)
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03. Microsite

Microsite as lean and mobile content hub

Once interest is attracted, the application process must now also do what the activating clips promise.

The simpler and more user-friendly the design of the campaign MICROSITE, the lower the reaction threshold for potential applicants. As the page is tailored to mobile smartphone use with little text and straightforward entries, it makes the decision to make contact quickly easier for applicants. The application process then becomes as easy as sending a WhatsApp message. The result: More than 1,000 applications within six weeks.

Employer Branding (Zeppelin Rental)
Employer Branding (Zeppelin Rental)
Employer Branding (Zeppelin Rental)
04. Out-of-home

Employer branding in the public domain

A key analysis result shows that a personal recommendation is important for the applicant.

The recruiting campaign is therefore also accompanied by traditional OUT-OF-HOME means of communication, which, for example, are reproduced as oversized hoarding tarpaulins or with the trade fair presence right in the heart of the target groups’ lifeworld. Thanks to the integrated setup, all interested are forwarded here directly to the central microsite, on which information and direct application options go hand-in-hand. “Employees recruit employees” then also happens rapidly, budget-friendly and with a clear incentive for all involved.

Employer Branding (Zeppelin Rental)
05. Guerrilla marketing

Sought, found – unconventional employer branding

Sought, found – unconventional employer branding

Messages and application process are tailored to the target group, the content is placed in the target channels. But there’s more: Guerrilla Measures.

These specifically flank the campaign at touchpoints that are not traditionally associated with recruiting. Browsing in a well-known small ads portal for technical devices and finding your dream job within the Rental category? That’s precisely the goal of unconventional measures for successfully filling vacancies.

Employer Branding (Zeppelin Rental)
Employer Branding (Zeppelin Rental)
Employer Branding (Zeppelin Rental)