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01. Target group analysis

Data collection for successful recruiting. Where are the specialists?

The analysis happens as the beginning of the campaign. What media do the sought after technical area specialists use and how frequently? How do potential applicants interchange and how can touchpoints for the communication be defined here? A detailed written and telephone survey of target group representatives provides the desired results – and findings in particular. The campaign can then be designed directly on the three applicant profiles. The foundation of reliable data ensures maximum effect.

job profiles
hours telephone interviews
questions per questionnaire
media and channels asked about
Employer Branding (Zeppelin Rental)
02. Videoclips

Storytelling in video clips brings employer branding to life

Relating complex technical job profiles and convincing benefits in an entertaining way – that’s the Rental challenge. This is achieved most effectively with moving images. A video series you produce yourself is based on an authentic illustration of the three jobs and conveys the campaign idea. As an employer Rental simply relieves the applicant of the application process. The videos charmingly portray the employer’s unique services and benefits here. A carefully arranged combination of actors and Rental employees guarantees credibility and entertainment – and also encourages the sharing and recommendation of the clips in social channels and the community.

Employer Branding (Zeppelin Rental)
Employer Branding (Zeppelin Rental)
Employer Branding (Zeppelin Rental)
weeks runtime
video clips
03. Microsite

Microsite as leaner and more mobile content hub

Once interest is awoken the application process must now also deliver what the activating clips promise. A campaign microsite designed as user-centred as possible is the solution here. Few steps and low-threshold entries, hardly any text, high conversion – an application is then activated as easily as sending a WhatsApp. Optimised for mobile use, the application can be made directly via a smart phone with the positive impression of the videos. This makes the decision easier for applicants – and results in more applications for the employer, in this case more than 1,000 within six weeks.

Employer Branding (Zeppelin Rental)
Employer Branding (Zeppelin Rental)
Employer Branding (Zeppelin Rental)
04. Out of Home

Employer brand in the public sphere

An important analysis result shows that the applicant values personal recommendations. The recruiting campaign is therefore also accompanied by classic out-of-home communication media – from over-dimensional hoarding tarpaulins to trade fair presence. Always right in the middle of the target groups’ living environment and always with integrated set-up – interested parties are always guided to the central microsite, which combines information with direct application. Employees then also advertise employees successfully, quickly, budget-friendly and with a clear incentive for both parties.

Employer Branding (Zeppelin Rental)
05. Guerilla-Marketing

Sought, found – unconventional employer branding

Messages and advertising processes are tailored to the target group; the content is positioned in the target channels. But there’s more: Guerilla activities specifically flank the campaign at touchpoints that are not traditionally associated with recruiting. Browsing in a well-known small ads portal and found your dream job with Rental? This is precisely the goal of unconventional activities for successfully filling vacancies.

Employer Branding (Zeppelin Rental)
Employer Branding (Zeppelin Rental)
Employer Branding (Zeppelin Rental)
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