Our experts help you here with unusual and smart campaigns for surprising impulses with long-term effect.

Guerilla marketing

Advertising messages with surprising effect

Not every successful campaign demands sensational spots, billboards or costly installations. Often just small and well thought out measures are enough to attract attention and anchor a brand permanently in the target group with an unusual context. Along with the idea from our creative department that ignites the required spark, the readiness to do it different to all others makes the crucial difference here. By ensuring activation impulses, for example, just on seemingly unsuitable positions and channels and with targeted attention-grabbing.

Guerilla marketing

Activating addressing in unexpected context

Attracting the target group’s attention with unusual activities is one thing – keeping that attention is an altogether different thing. It is critical here not to blow the surprise effect – the communication content must indeed be translated into a catchy message conveyance. And this requires a clear, unequivocal and activating addressing.


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