Not every successful campaign demands attention-grabbing objects at international airports. Often just small but smart measures that ensure spontaneous, surprising impulses in the target groups are sufficient.

Guerilla marketing

Guerilla methods for campaigns – stand out from the others!

Standing out from the crowd is right at the top of wish lists and briefings. And this wish can sometimes be fulfilled quicker than you’d think. Because often it is simply enough to scatter smart inspirations in apparently unsuitable positions and channels, to reach target groups with specific irritation or aha! moments.

Guerilla marketing

Hold attention with unconventional addressing

Advertising messages in unsuitable contexts is one thing – addressing is another. So here too: Anyone that has gained the target group’s attention by surprising it, must also use it in an equally effective conveyance of the communication content – clear, unambiguous, activating.

  • Unusual ideas
  • Surprising activities
  • New channels
  • Ambient marketing
  • Brand awareness
  • Addressing new target groups
  • Short-term campaigns
  • Special topics and activities
  • Surprising and different
  • Exciting and spontaneous
  • Low input, big effect
  • Specifically irritating
Guerilla marketing

Conclusion: Trial and error is better than drab whispering

Which means: Daring to be new can boost the desired effect. Of course positioning a ground-breaking guerilla idea too early here can also produce a lower effect than expected. Nevertheless, it pays to balance guerilla and ambient marketing measures for your own campaign.