With specific out-of-home measures with a signal effect, we ensure brand awareness and a sustainable positioning in the relevant set of the target groups.


Crossmedial interaction

Crossmediality is king: Not only should digital measures be arranged especially straightforward with regard to interaction here – tools should also be delivered from the out-of-home area. QR codes serve more valuable purposes here than have previously been to attributed them. And out-of-home formats must also be completely re-evaluated and re-considered with regard to the victory march of AR apps.


Minimum scatter loss

Something similar to that used for large surfaces also applies for traditional formats such as city lights – the individual selection of the locations has a significant influence on the scatter loss and the interaction rate in the target group. Special measures, which integrate the sites, locations or entire properties into the design not only promise higher awareness; they also ensure a stronger attraction to the integrated PoS or the company.


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