For all projects and campaigns – knowing is better than guessing. As a communications agency we therefore always opt for a reliable data collection before the design begins. Our market research experts make markets transparent.

Target group analysis

Studies provide a lead in knowledge

Studies by major market research institutes highlight current developments, but in-house commissioned studies are also recommended for special projects. Customer surveys or focus group analyses are further tools we use in our agency – the type of data collection must match the customer and the individual objective. Only then can findings be determined, which are integrated directly into the set-up and design of the strategic communication and its activities.

  • Market research
  • Customer survey
  • Data collection
  • Focus group analysis
  • Branding
  • Project optimisation
  • Campaign optimisation
  • Recruiting
  • Individual objectives
  • Meaningful findings
  • Specific recommendations
  • Maximum effect for the budget
Target group analysis

Using budgets sensibly

This is also the only way to ensure that the available budget pays off with the maximum effect on the customer’s objective. Employer branding makes no exceptions here, as both the image of an employer brand and specific recruiting KPIs can be defined and analysed in detail via surveys in the target groups. This method is smarter than ever in times of specialist scarcity and war for talents. Communication behaviour and the use of channels differ significantly, from IT managers through to trainees. On the other hand an evolution in the communication behaviour happens in increasingly shorter stages. It’s all the more important, then, to update your own customers and stakeholders.