The positive reasons for using video content in strategic communication are lengthy, but the most important is: Video emotionally conveys messages that are remembered – and instantly.

Video clips

Emotional storytelling in motion pictures

In employer branding or internal communication – film is the medium of choice when it comes to touching people emotionally. Hardly any other medium is so universal in its application. As social clips on Facebook and YouTube, as image film on corporate websites or as an optimised, subtitled edited version for trade fair use – moving images work, whatever the sector or business model.

Video clips

Moving images also boost success with low and medium budgets

The desired image aesthetics and later intended purpose naturally determine the expense involved. But even with modest budgets, astonishing productions can be delivered with the right conceptual preparatory work. For some projects a virtue can even be made of necessity. Namely when budget limits are specifically set to use a supposedly simple or perfunctory image aesthetic, which however pays precisely into the right messages, formats and channels.

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Video clips

It’s all in the can – and now post-production makes a blockbuster out of it!

Skilled colour-grading may not be rocket science, but it titillates the last drop of visual professionalism out of the video sequences. Post-production can therefore never be overestimated. Cutters with a flair for perfect timing play a major part in making engrossing experiences out of films and video clips. Because corporate films really can do it – emotionally touch and fascinate employees, customers and future junior staff.

Video clips

Conclusion: Planning is the foundation for successful video shoots

An efficient shooting schedule is a critical factor impacting on the budget. The course for smart processes in the later implementation can already be set here with the location scouting. Savings can then be actively made with budgets for logistics and catering. Because depending on the expense and size of the project, numerous crew members and the equipment have to reach the shooting locations, sets have to be put up and taken down again and again, and the team has to be fed – kudos to those that plan their shoot short and seamless!