Blogger & influencer relations
Emotional customer

The involvement of micro-bloggers, influencers and testimonials is an important part of public relations. Influencer marketing conveys personal addressing and authenticity. For this reason, bloggers cannot always be attracted for every product as well. In the micro-blogger area in particular, many influencers insist on their integrity and independence. Involvement is promising, but it requires tact and contact at eye level.

Blogger & influencer relations

Successful with good networking in the influencer scene

Our public relations experts have an extensive network in the influencer marketing area and good contacts in the most diverse blogger scenes. We put the right ambassadors together for your products and services with the right selection for you.

Blogger & influencer relations

Professional influencer relations create a win-win situation for all involved parties

We stage your brands attractively for influencers. Impressive live event management and interactive campaigns produce inspired statements, lively storytelling and the right recommendations. Exclusive insights into manufacturing and production and honest communication on products and services stimulate authentic and transparent reporting.

  • Influencer marketing
  • Networking with brand ambassadors
  • Authentic storytelling
  • Emotional branding
  • Market launch
  • Brand anchoring in the relevant set
  • Image building
  • Word of mouth
  • Product launches
  • Optimally networked
  • Logically selected
  • Implemented at eye level
  • Emotionalising