Press events
media interest
for creative events

Media-effective events put your brands and your products in the public’s spotlight. Harmonised with the sector-specific media landscape and in continuous event cycles they generate a long-term media dialogue.

Press events

Infotainment and inspiring staging of press events

Our live communication experts have many years of experience in the design and performance of press events. We achieve active media partner interest with an appealing combination of informative and entertaining elements. Be it jour fixe, exclusive previews, tastings, meet & greets or glamorous red carpet photo flash frenzies, we reach the media relevant for you with an individual event strategy.

  • Red carpet events
  • Tastings
  • Discovery tours
  • Meet & greet
  • Journalist jour fixe
  • Media presence
  • Media dialogue
  • Stakeholder activation
  • Individually scalable
  • Inspiringly staged
  • Entertainingly informative
  • Professionally implemented